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Date archive for: June 2016

Clinton SuperPAC Continues to Target Trump on his Treatment of People with Disabilities

Washington, June 27 – The television ads attacking Donald Trump for his treatment of people with disabilities continue as Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton superPAC, released another ad targeting Trump’s treatment of people with disabilities.

Like the superPAC’s previous ad Grace, this ad focuses on Trump apparently mocking a New York Times journalist with a disability at a rally in South Carolina last November. Both ads include a clip of Trump apparently imitating the reporter.

“I spend my whole life fighting back so you could imagine what I thought when I saw Donald Trump,” Dante, a 17-year-old African American boy with a disability, says in the ad. “I don’t want a president who makes fun of me. I want a president who inspires me.”

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New Clinton SuperPAC Ad Attacks Trump on Disability Issues

Washington, June 8 – The newest ad by Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton superPAC, puts disability front and center in swing states.

As Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee with her wins on Tuesday, Priorities USA is attacking Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s character.

Featuring the Chris and Lauren Glaros of Columbus, Ohio, the ad “Grace” interviews the parents about the upbringing of their child Grace, who was born with spina bifida. After describing the joy Grace brings to her family, the parents say that once they witnessed Trump mocking a person with a disability in one of his speeches, they could not support him.

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Clinton: It Matters When Trump Makes Fun of Disabled People

Washington, June 3 – In a speech outlining reasons Hillary Clinton finds Donald Trump to be unqualified for president, the likely Democratic nominee included Trump’s assumed mocking of a journalist with disability as one such reason among her lambasting of the presumptive Republican nominee on his foreign policies.

“And it also matters when he makes fun of disabled people, calls women pigs, proposes banning an entire religion from our country, or plays coy with white supremacists,” Clinton said Thursday in San Diego, California. “America stands up to countries that treat women like animals, or people of different races, religions or ethnicities as less human.

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Washington, D.C., Disability Voter Guide Released

Washington, June 3 – As the District’s Democrats head to the polls in two weeks, RespectAbility is releasing its Washington, D.C., Disability Voter Guide.

There are 68,830 people with a disability living in Washington, D.C., 40,200 of whom are of working age (between the ages of 21 and 64). There are an additional 4,800 people ages 16-20 with disabilities, many of whom are hoping to enter the workforce. The District’s voters are looking to know where the candidates stand on important disability issues in order to increase opportunities for competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities.

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Will Bernie, Hillary or Trump Win the California Disability Vote?

5.9 Million Eligible Voters with a Disability in California

Washington, June 2 – Next week’s California primary is being called the final battleground for the Democratic primary. While Hillary Clinton is expected to secure the nomination in New Jersey, which also goes to the polls on June 7, California has become an unexpectedly tight race between her and Bernie Sanders, who has pledged to stay in the race until the Democratic convention in July.

California has 5.9 million eligible voters with a disability, and as it is a race to watch, RespectAbility is sharing its California Disability Voter Guide. California’s voters are looking to know where the candidates stand on important disability issues in order to increase opportunities for competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities.

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South Dakota Disability Voter Guide: State has Highest Employment Rate for People with Disabilities

Washington, June 1 – As voters head to the polls in South Dakota next week, RespectAbility is releasing its South Dakota Disability Voter Guide.

South Dakota ranks first in the nation for employment of people with disabilities as more than half the working-age people with disabilities (50.1 percent) in South Dakota have a job. Indeed, individuals with disabilities in South Dakota are TWICE as likely to be working as those in the worst performing state of West Virginia where only 25.6 percent have jobs. Rounding out the top five states in terms of best outcomes are North Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska and Wyoming.

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