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Breaking News – 7,266 new jobs for people with disabilities in Arizona

Gov. Ducey: “they want a fulfilling career”

Washington, D.C., March 9 — As the economy expands, for the first time in decades people with disabilities are gaining jobs, success and independence. According to new data, 7,266 more people with disabilities in Arizona became employed.  People with disabilities have previously been left out of periods of economic growth, today’s workforce system is better aligned to enable people with disabilities to succeed, just like anyone else.

As America’s governors gathered in Washington for the National Governors Association meeting to talk about these and other key issues During the Winter Meeting, Governor Doug Ducey took questions about jobs for people with disabilities in Arizona. When asked, Governor Ducey said: “So, it’s really a focus on what the result is and getting people in the economy. Also realizing these are people that want to work, they want a fulfilling career.”

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