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The State of the Union and Addressing Disability Issues

Washington, D.C., Feb. 7 – Often presidential addresses to the nation fail to include people with disabilities and the state of their lives. However, President Donald J. Trump did not make that mistake in this year’s State of the Union address on Tuesday night. He mentioned Americans with disabilities and issues relevant to the disability community: employment, medical research and health care.

Unemployment for Americans with Disabilities Reached an All-Time Low

Trump, in proudly announcing our country’s strong economy, pointed to our record low unemployment numbers. When declaring these statistics for communities of color, he also boasted of an “all-time low” in unemployment for Americans with Disabilities.

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Polling Shows People with Disabilities Split Vote Between Trump and Clinton

Near unanimous bipartisan agreement that a candidate should treat people with disabilities with dignity and respect

Download the slide presentation with all poll data (PDF or accessible PPT).

Washington, Dec. 14 – Two separate bipartisan polls showed results that may surprise Washington insiders: voters with disabilities and their family and friends voted in big numbers for President-elect Donald Trump. While polls showed that many voters felt Trump made fun of people with disabilities, he was seen as stronger on changing Washington and failed economic policies that hold people with disabilities back.

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Honoring All Veterans on Veterans Day: What are Trump’s policies for veterans with disabilities?

Washington, Nov. 11 – As the nation celebrates Veterans Day, it is important to truly remember our veterans and ensure we are taking care of their needs.

One of their top priorities is employment. Government policies that help veterans with disabilities get and keep jobs are a win-win because they allow veterans the dignity and financial benefits of work and also grow our economy and save taxpayer money.

One year ago, President Elect Donald Trump said, “I will” when asked if he is committed to getting more veterans and people with disabilities employed.

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Trump Cabinet Possibilities: Where is the Disability Representation?

Washington, Nov. 10 – RespectAbility has obtained an internal document from the Trump transition team titled “Trump Cabinet Possibilities.” We have been told the people listed below currently are being vetted for 22 key posts within the Trump administration.

Looking at the list, it is clear that few of the people have any experience in working with the disability community and none of them self-identify publicly as being people with disabilities themselves.

“Fully one-in-five Americans has a disability and the majority of Americans have a loved one with a disability,” RespectAbility President Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi said. “It is vital for the Trump administration to reflect America, including talented people with disabilities. The administration needs people who have real, proven experience in enabling people with disabilities to receive the education and training they need to succeed in gaining jobs and independence.”

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Disability Issues Missing At Second Presidential Debate

Washington, Oct. 10 – For last night night’s town hall style debate, ABC and CNN welcomed questions submitted via the Open Debate Coalition’s portal. All of the top 30 questions that moderators promised to consider received more than 20,000 votes, and an important disability rights question had nearly 12,000 votes.

Yet none of the 30 – or the disability-related question, which was #52 of thousands – were asked, leaving the disability community lacking for information.

James Carter, an undecided African American voter from Missouri, asked a question that opened the door for both candidates to include people with disabilities, a minority group that represents one-in-five Americans.

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Trump’s PTSD Statements Further Stigma on Mental Health

Earlier this week, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said that "strong" veterans do not have mental health problems like post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), implying that those who do are "weak" and "can't handle it."

“When you talk about the mental health problems, when people come back from war and combat, they see things that maybe a lot of the folks in the room have seen many times over. And you’re strong and you can handle it, but a lot of people can’t handle it,” Trump said to a room full of military veterans during an event in Northern Virginia on Monday morning. "And they see horror stories, they see events that you couldn’t see in a movie — nobody would believe it."

People with mental health disabilities, especially in the military, often do not seek help because of stigma surrounding mental health issues and the idea that asking for help is seen as being weak. When a major party presidential candidate perpetuates the idea that PTSD is a sign of weakness, that is dangerous for veterans and other people with PTSD who may not disclose their symptoms for fear that they are a sign of weakness.

But while many people jumped on these comments as being anti-veteran and anti-disability, the individual who asked the question, Marine Staff Sgt. Chad Robichaux, disagreed.


Eric Trump Says Father is Running for Families with Special Needs Children: Voters Waiting on Plan Details

Cleveland, July 21 – Eric Trump had one message to the Republican National Convention last night – his father is “running for you” – and, for the first time since the convention began Monday afternoon, his speech included America’s largest minority group – people with disabilities.

“To single mothers, to families with special needs children, to middle class families who no longer can afford medical benefits sufficient to cover their everyday needs, my father is running for you.”

Until Eric Trump’s speech, no other primetime convention speaker had mentioned disability directly in his or her speech. Yet one-in-five people in America have a disability, and more than half of American voters have a close family member or friend with a disability.

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First Night of RNC Neglected Disability, Missing Opportunity for Voter Outreach

Cleveland, July 19 – The first night’s theme of the Republican National Convention was “Make America Safe Again,” but all of the speakers neglected to talk about the safety of America’s largest minority – people with disabilities.

This was especially evident in Melania Trump’s speech when she said her husband represented all people, but neglected to mention people with disabilities.

“[Donald Trump] offers a new direction, welcoming change, prosperity and greater cooperation among peoples and nations,” Melania said Monday evening. “Donald intends to represent all of the people- not just some of the people. That includes Christians and Jews and Muslims. It includes Hispanics and African-Americans and Asians, and the poor and the middle-class.”

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Clinton SuperPAC Continues to Target Trump on his Treatment of People with Disabilities

Washington, June 27 – The television ads attacking Donald Trump for his treatment of people with disabilities continue as Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton superPAC, released another ad targeting Trump’s treatment of people with disabilities.

Like the superPAC’s previous ad Grace, this ad focuses on Trump apparently mocking a New York Times journalist with a disability at a rally in South Carolina last November. Both ads include a clip of Trump apparently imitating the reporter.

“I spend my whole life fighting back so you could imagine what I thought when I saw Donald Trump,” Dante, a 17-year-old African American boy with a disability, says in the ad. “I don’t want a president who makes fun of me. I want a president who inspires me.”

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New Clinton SuperPAC Ad Attacks Trump on Disability Issues

Washington, June 8 – The newest ad by Priorities USA, a pro-Clinton superPAC, puts disability front and center in swing states.

As Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee with her wins on Tuesday, Priorities USA is attacking Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s character.

Featuring the Chris and Lauren Glaros of Columbus, Ohio, the ad “Grace” interviews the parents about the upbringing of their child Grace, who was born with spina bifida. After describing the joy Grace brings to her family, the parents say that once they witnessed Trump mocking a person with a disability in one of his speeches, they could not support him.

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Clinton: It Matters When Trump Makes Fun of Disabled People

Washington, June 3 – In a speech outlining reasons Hillary Clinton finds Donald Trump to be unqualified for president, the likely Democratic nominee included Trump’s assumed mocking of a journalist with disability as one such reason among her lambasting of the presumptive Republican nominee on his foreign policies.

“And it also matters when he makes fun of disabled people, calls women pigs, proposes banning an entire religion from our country, or plays coy with white supremacists,” Clinton said Thursday in San Diego, California. “America stands up to countries that treat women like animals, or people of different races, religions or ethnicities as less human.

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Will Bernie, Hillary or Trump Win the California Disability Vote?

5.9 Million Eligible Voters with a Disability in California

Washington, June 2 – Next week’s California primary is being called the final battleground for the Democratic primary. While Hillary Clinton is expected to secure the nomination in New Jersey, which also goes to the polls on June 7, California has become an unexpectedly tight race between her and Bernie Sanders, who has pledged to stay in the race until the Democratic convention in July.

California has 5.9 million eligible voters with a disability, and as it is a race to watch, RespectAbility is sharing its California Disability Voter Guide. California’s voters are looking to know where the candidates stand on important disability issues in order to increase opportunities for competitive, integrated employment for people with disabilities.

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Trump: “I’ve spent a lot of money making buildings accessible”

Washington, May 19 – In an attempt to fix his battered image, presumptive Republican nominee is addressing some of the controversies of his presidential campaign – including his perceived attack on a reporter with a disability. During an interview with The Washington Post, Trump delivered an unprompted speech on this incident, which expanded stigmas that have been undermining people with disabilities for ages:

“I would never say anything bad about a person that has a disability,” Trump said, leaning forward at his office desk. “I swear to you it’s true, 100 percent true. . . . Who would do that to [the] handicapped? I’ve spent a lot of money making buildings accessible.”

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Rabbis Protest Trump’s AIPAC Speech Over Disrespect for Minorities Including People with Disabilities

Washington, D.C., March 21 – Some Rabbis and other Jewish Americans are protesting Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s lack of inclusion for minorities, including people with disabilities, ahead of his scheduled speech to the AIPAC Policy Conference this evening.

While many of AIPAC’s delegates who oppose Trump speaking tonight are upset with the businessman’s violent rhetoric on groups like Muslims and Mexicans, the Republican front-runner also has verbally attacked individuals with disabilities, expanding stigmas that have been undermining people with disabilities for ages.

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Trump Dominates Republican Field as Disability Champion Jeb Bush Exits the Race

Washington, Feb. 22 – With Donald Trumps’ easy victory in South Carolina on Saturday, he left no doubt that he is the Republican front-runner for the party’s nomination. As Trump continues to insult people – recently attacking the Pope and Apple, and previously people with disabilities – his poll numbers stay higher than the other Republican candidates. Trump continues to have a strong lead ahead of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who came in second and third with an effective tie in South Carolina.

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Trump Says He’s Hired People with Disabilities, Discusses Plan To Stop Drug Addiction

Urbandale, Iowa, Jan. 15 – When a grieving father with a son who died of a heroin overdose asked Donald Trump how he’ll address this epidemic, the presidential hopeful said he’s going to stop the drug traffic from coming in through Mexico.

“We’re going to build a wall,” he said during a town hall at Living History Farms in Urbandale, Iowa. “It’s going to be a real wall, because that stuff is pouring across. And we’re going to have a real wall. And people are going to come in to the country but they are going to come in legally. We’re going to stop that drug traffic.”

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Trump Tells Autistic Adult She’ll Be “Happy” with Employment Plan

Des Moines, Iowa, Jan. 11 – Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump said he’ll be working on a plan to provide more opportunities for autistic adults to work.

Jane, a self-described autistic woman, asked Trump for a plan to help “autistic adults like myself get employed.”

“We’re going to work on it,” he replied on Saturday in Clear Lake, Iowa. “You’ll be happy. Just watch.”

Trump’s proclamation comes days after Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton unveiled her plan focusing on autism, including calls for public-private partnerships to help young adults with autism become employed.

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In New Ad, Kasich Calls Out Trump for Mocking Reporter with a Disability

Washington, Dec. 1 – In a new ad, Ohio Gov. John Kasich takes a shot at Donald Trump for publicly poking fun at an award-winning reporter with a congenital joint condition.

The ad, titled “Is he worthy,” says Trump is too heartless to be president and not worthy to follow in the footsteps of past presidents like Ronald Reagan. It opens with footage of Trump at a rally convulsing on stage – appearing to mock a reporter who wrote an article Trump says defends his claim that “thousands” of Muslims celebrated in New Jersey following the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks. The reporter, Serge Kovaleski, who now works at The New York Times, has a chronic condition that impairs movement of his arm.

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Donald Trump’s Attacks on People with Disabilities

Washington, Nov. 28 – By publicly poking fun at an award-winning reporter who has significant physical disabilities, Republican frontrunner Donald Trump expanded stigmas that have been undermining people with disabilities for ages. 

It’s now been more than 25 years since the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). True, physical architecture and some educational opportunities thankfully have changed. But negative attitudes and stigmas about people with disabilities – because of people like Donald Trump – have not. This leads to poverty, powerlessness and even worse situations for people with disabilities.

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Trump Commits To More Jobs & Better Health Care For Veterans, People With Disabilities

Newton, Iowa, Nov. 20 – Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump said, “I will” when asked if he is committed to getting more veterans and people with disabilities employed.

“You gotta give them hope, build their spirit,” Trump said during a town hall Thursday night in Newton, IA. “The unemployment numbers don’t tell the whole story.”

More than 80 percent of people with disabilities are not employed, according to the U.S Department of Labor. Though the unemployment rate for people with disabilities remains listed at 10.5 percent, as it does not count those who have given up looking for work. Nearly 60 percent of people without disabilities are employed, with the unemployment rate currently at 4.6 percent for people without disabilities.

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