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Celebrating ADA on the Sidelines of the DNC

Gov. Jack Markell wearing a gray suit talking behind a podium with the text: #ABLE2WORK #ADA26
Gov. Jack Markell (D-DE) / Photo via AUCD

Philadelphia, July 31 – Gathered in the city of brotherly love, more than a hundred disability activists celebrated the twenty-sixth anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on Tuesday.

Current and former officials touted the importance of the ADA and focused specifically on disability employment and economic empowerment for people with disabilities.

Delaware Gov. Jack Markell talked about making employment for people with disabilities his platform while leading the National Governors’ Association – something he said other governors questioned.

“But I knew something: that when we focus on the ability rather than the disability, it’s amazing what we can accomplish together,” the governor said. “I also knew that in a world where Democrats and Republicans so often cannot find common ground, that this was an issue where we would find a way to work together.”

America: Land of Opportunity for People with Disabilities

Tammy Duckworth walking on stage with her prosthetic legs, wearing a black suit with American flag in background
U.S. Rep. Tammy Duckworth (D-IL) on the fourth day of the DNC (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Philadelphia, July 29 – Rep. Tammy Duckworth offered a simple but powerful message of the American spirit and inclusion on the last night of the Democratic National Convention.

“I worked hard, but I had a lot of help from my community and country,” she said. “My story is not unique. It’s a story about why this country is the greatest nation on earth.”

Duckworth represents multiple groups who often are overlooked in American politics. She is the first Thai American to be elected to U.S. Congress, as well as the first woman with a disability to become a member of the House of Representatives in 2012.

Edwards, Van Hollen Differ in Records on Fighting for People with Disabilities

Rockville, Md., April 25 – In what has been described as a race centered on “identity politics,” Maryland Democrats face a significant choice as they look to replace an icon of the U.S. Senate. After 30 years of services, Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski, the senior senator of Maryland, is retiring.…