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Elected Official Questionnaire

Dear Congressman/Senator –

We are writing to request an interview with you for The RespectAbility Report. This publication covers the intersection of politics, policy and disability. It is a publication of RespectAbility – a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that fights stigmas and advances opportunities for people with disabilities. We educate around key issues that impact people with disabilities. There are 56 million Americans with disabilities and many of them rely on us for background on public policy and elected officials.

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Colorado Voters Approve Controversial Assisted Suicide Law, Prompting Concern Among Disability Community

Washington, Nov. 13 – Colorado has joined five other states in allowing terminally ill people to end their lives with a physician’s assistance, despite protests from disability activist groups such as ADAPT and Not Dead Yet.

Last week, voters in Colorado approved the state’s Proposition 106, known as the “End of Life Options Act,” which will legalize assisted suicide, allowing doctors to prescribe life-ending medication to terminally-ill patients who desire to end their lives. The ballot initiative passed overwhelmingly, with two-thirds of voters in support and just one-third opposed.

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Election Tuesday Shows Big Win for Medical Marijuana Legalization

Washington, Nov. 9 – Nine states voted on whether or not to legalize marijuana yesterday. Citizens in Florida, Montana, North Dakota and Arkansas voted on the use of marijuana for medical conditions, and these measures passed in all four of the states where it was on the ballot.

Voters in California, Nevada, Arizona, Massachusetts and Maine cast their ballots for whether those 21-years-old and older should be allowed to use marijuana recreationally. California, Massachusetts and Nevada voters approved marijuana for recreational use, while Arizona’s proposed measure was unsuccessful. Maine’s decision is still pending, though at the moment it appears that it may pass.

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