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Fiorina’s National Co-Chair on Carly’s “Message of Inclusion”

Carly FiorinaCleveland, August 7 – Charlie Gerow, Carly Fiorina’s National Co-Chair, shares his thoughts on the candidate’s “message of inclusion” for people with disabilities:

Q: What is Carly Fiorina’s plan to help people with disabilities enter the workforce?

Carly Fiorina’s entire campaign has been built around the theme of unlocking human potential. And particularly for those in the disability community, it’s a message of inclusion, of hope, of opportunity, of employment, and of truly unlocking their potential in every way.

Q: When the candidate thinks about people with disabilities, is it pity? Is it paycheck?

It certainly isn’t pity. It probably is paycheck but a whole lot more than that. Because all of us need more than simply a paycheck. It’s really the opportunity to be everything you can be and to truly unlock that potential that is within all of us.

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