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Martha Mosher and Paul Gamble are self advocates in Las Vegas, NV.
Martha Mosher and Paul Gamble are self advocates in Las Vegas, NV.

Washington, Oct. 30 – As The RespectAbility Report continues to track all of the presidential candidates’ statements on disability issues, we are asking for our readers’ help. Since our staff is small, we need you to ask the candidates to talk about these important issues that are often not discussed by mainstream media.

It’s simple. People with disabilities (PwDs) and their families and friends who attend an event with a presidential candidate and get us video of the candidate answering or addressing a question on disability issues will receive $100.

1) Research when the candidates will be near you. Live in Iowa? The Des Moines Register does the work for you. And WMUR tracks the candidates’ travels throughout New Hampshire.

2) Attend an event with a candidate and ask the candidate a question about a disability issue.

3) Use your phone or other means to record the candidate’s answer. The recording must be clear enough so that we can understand exactly what the candidate is saying.

4) Email the recording and your contact info to and give us the rights to use the video.

5) If you asked the question and send that video in, we will send you $100. If multiple copies of the SAME video are submitted by multiple people, only the person who asked the question will receive the $100. If you work with a partner (one to ask the question, the other to hold the phone and hit the “record” button), then you simply split the money.

6) You need to tell us how to make out the check, and where to send it.

7) We will post the video on our YouTube channel and report on it if it covers new ground. Even if it does not cover new ground, we will still send you $100.

8) VIDEOS MUST BE SUBMITTED by TUESDAY, DECEMBER 18, 2015, as this offer expires.

Any questions? Contact Lauren at

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