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Rep. Victoria Sullivan on Rand Paul’s Record on Disabilities

RespectAbility's Dahlia Joseph interviews Rep. Victoria Sullivan on Sen. Rand Paul's disability record
RespectAbility’s Dahlia Joseph interviews Rep. Victoria Sullivan on Sen. Rand Paul’s disability record

Manchester, NH, Dec. 28 – Sen. Rand Paul stresses the importance of providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities, according to campaign surrogate Rep. Victoria Sullivan.

Sullivan, who was attending a briefing organized by RespectAbility on the disability vote on behalf of the Paul campaign last week, said Pauls’ plan includes “aligning their special talents and needs up with employers,” so employers can use those unique talents in the workplace. “I do know that it is something of concern to him.”

She recalled Paul’s recent speech in New Hampshire, where he spoke about the value of providing employment opportunity for all, “especially those that are on disability insurance” because it “gives them a better quality of life and more of a purpose to what they are doing.”

“We should be providing the opportunity for all citizens to be working and have that quality of life and the standard to live up to,” Sullivan said on Paul’ behalf.

More than 10 million Americans are deaf or hard of hearing and seven million Americans have significant vision loss. When asked if the Paul campaign has plans to ensure campaign materials are accessible for all, Sullivan brought up Paul’s background as an ophthalmologist.

“He spends a lot of his time restoring vision to people that couldn’t otherwise afford to have that surgery, so I know that he is personally aware of the struggles of people with vision impairments,” Sullivan said.

She added that the campaign would work on ensuring all of its videos have closed captioning and campaign materials can be made available and accessible for people needing accommodations.

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