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Cruz: ADA will Continue Under a Cruz Presidency

Sen. Ted Cruz in Windham, New Hampshire
Sen. Ted Cruz in Windham, New Hampshire

Windham, N.H., Feb. 2 – Sen. Ted Cruz affirmed his commitment to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) on Tuesday.

“When it comes to people with disabilities, I give you my commitment,” Cruz said in Windham during a town hall. “I will do everything I can as president to expand their independence, to expand their ability to work meaningfully, to empower them to have access and the ability to work and provide for themselves. I think that is a human dignity that every human being should be able and is entitled to be able to experience.”

The questioner voiced concerns about the future of the ADA under a potential Cruz administration because of the senator’s fight against government regulation.

While Cruz reiterated his support for the ADA, he said government regulations “far too often move toward stripping them (people with disabilities) of their independence; moves toward institutionalizing them, preventing them from working.”

This is inline with a previous interview Cruz had with RespectAbility.

“There are many programs that provide, but sometimes trap people in dependency,” said in November in Des Moines, Iowa.

Also discussed at the Windham town hall – Donald Trump’s run ins with reporters with disabilities.

“One of the greatest tests of character is how do you treat people you don’t have to be nice to,” Cruz said.

Twice Trump derided newsmen with disabilities, saying that Charles Krauthammer, who uses a wheelchair, “just sits there.” Trump also mimicked New York Times reporter Serge Kovaleski’s disability when speaking to supporters, holding his hand in a contorted fashion, similar to Kovaleski’s hands. Kovaleski has arthrogryposis which causes the condition.

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