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Oregon’s Bud Pierce Responds to #PwDsVote Gubernatorial Campaign Questionnaire

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Bud Pierce

Washington, Sept. 28 – RespectAbility, a nonprofit organization working to empower people with disabilities to achieve the American dream, has asked gubernatorial candidates on both sides of the aisle to fill out a questionnaire on disability issues. Dr. Bud Pierce, a Republican challenging incumbent Gov. Kate Brown for the office of governor in Oregon, responded to the #PwDsVote Disability Campaign Questionnaire for Senate and Gubernatorial Candidates for people with disabilities.

RespectAbility is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates. The questionnaire is purely for educational purposes.

While Pierce did not answer each question individually, he sent a statement addressing several of the issues brought up in the questionnaire including the “dignity of work for all Oregonians.”

RespectAbility also has sent the questionnaire to the campaign of incumbent Democrat Gov. Kate Brown, who is running for re-election. We will post her response when we receive it.

We are presenting Pierce’s full statement below:

I am a cancer doctor (medical oncologist), and an owner of cancer clinics with other physician partners. I have just begun a leave of absence from my practice, to run for Governor of Oregon, and this is the first time that I have sought public office. Our clinics are fully ADA compliant, and we do not in any way discriminate against people with disabilities in their care, or in their employment. Our campaign has been inclusive to all of our supporters.

More than anything else, I believe in the dignity of work for all Oregonians. Having work to do, and access to basic health care services, are the major social determinants of health. People with disabilities may require extra help in order to achieve the dignity of work. They may require assistance to obtain secure and safe housing, ideally in a home residence. They may require assistance with transportation. Employers should be encouraged to hire those with disabilities thru financial incentives provided by the government, if necessary. All Oregonians, with or without disabilities, should have access to no/low cost education/training to improve their opportunities for work. Social services should be constructed to always reward work over not working, except for the most severely disabled, who may not be able to work. I support partial loan guarantees, tax credits, and enterprise zones as mechanisms to improved small business start-ups for all Oregonians.

We need to have oversight, and vigorous investigation, to prevent abuse, including sexual abuse, of all people, and especially the vulnerable disabled.

In summary, we need to have a governor, and a government, who cares deeply about the fortunes of disabled Oregonians, who views them as equals and valuable members of Oregon’s family, and will do everything necessary to ensure that our disabled Oregonians are safe and enjoy productive and prosperous lives.

RespectAbility has asked all the candidates for Governor on both sides of the aisle to complete the same questionnaire. We will share responses from additional campaigns as we receive them.

The RespectAbility Report is a nonpartisan political commentary on the 2016 U.S. elections with a focus on disability issues. The RespectAbility Report has covered all of the Democratic and Republican candidates for president and has begun coverage of down ballot candidates. Coverage can be found at The RespectAbility Report is nonpartisan and does not endorse candidates.

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