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Disability Advocates Rosen and Sisolak Win Elections

Carson City, Nevada, Nov. 8 – Both Democrat Steve Sisolak and Jacky Rosen were elected to new positions in Nevada – Sisolak defeating Adam Laxalt for the governorship and Rosen defeating incumbent Dean Heller for U.S. Senate.

While campaigning, both Rosen and Sisolak completed a disability issues questionnaire for Senate and gubernatorial candidates put out by RespectAbility, a nonpartisan, nonprofit national organization working to end stigmas and advance opportunities for people with disabilities. The questionnaire included 10 questions on topics important to people with disabilities and those close to them. Rosen’s competitor, Heller, also completed the questionnaire. His responses can be viewed on the Respectability Report. Sisolak’s opponent, Adam Laxalt, did not respond to requests to complete the questionnaire.

There are 198,826 working-age people with disabilities living in Nevada, and 83,453 people have jobs. With 42 percent of its citizens with disabilities employed, the state of Nevada ranks 13th on this list of the best states for employment for people with disabilities.

Rosen: People with Disabilities Must Always Have a Seat at the Table

RJacky Rosen headshotosen emphasized protecting the rights of people with disabilities in public spaces, including work spaces.

“I believe the American Disabilities Act was a critical piece of legislation and we must continue to uphold it and ensure that people with disabilities always have a seat at the table and that their concerns and problems are heard and taken seriously,” she said in her response.

Rosen highlighted her record of supporting legislation that allows people with disabilities and their families to access assistive technology. She also stressed the importance of addressing workplace harassment against people with disabilities. “My bipartisan Sunlight in Workplace Harassment Act (H.R. 5028) would require publicly-traded companies to disclose payments of settlements for sexual harassment, abuse, and discrimination, including that based on disability status,” Rosen said.

View Rosen’s full response to the questionnaire:

Sisolak Emphasizes Importance of Apprenticeships for Students with Disabilities

Steve Sisolak headshotIn response to the questionnaire, Sisolak emphasized his support for programs that reduce stigma against people with disabilities and prepare them for the workforce.

“I will work with disability advocacy organizations like RespectAbility to maximize exposure to this issue in the press and bring real solutions into the office space for our disabled citizenry,” he said in his response.

Sisolak also highlighted the importance of supporting people with disabilities as they move out of school and into work spaces.

“Apprenticeships expose people with disabilities to the transition from school to work and better prepare them for the challenges that come with professional experience,” he said. “Among the best programs is Project SEARCH, which is a one-year fully integrated workplace program for people with disabilities. The goal is to secure competitive employment, and the 70 percent success rate speaks for itself.”

Sisolak said he supports more services for students with disabilities who choose to go to college, as well. “We must also improve post-secondary education opportunities by integrating career services and disability services into a hybrid program for people with disabilities on college campuses.”

View Sisolak’s full response to the questionnaire:

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